Better Together

Collaboration and leadership are essential for organizations to continue to be successful and emerge from COVID-19 stronger, and more nimble and resilient than before.

I feel that true collaboration and effective leadership benefit individuals, teams, and organizations. Scale and impact are achieved when each of us owns the responsibility of developing ourselves in these areas.

The best teams I have worked with are those that align as collaborative partners. I see leadership, especially during a crisis to be about influence and vision, which then helps to facilitate collaboration.

To get good at  collaboration will require the ability to foster environments that encourage teamwork and respectful relationships, especially cross-functionally.

If I have learned anything from COVID it is that collaboration and leadership require us to be better together, to communicate effectively, provide feedback up and down the ladder, and assess the roles and work we all do.

To get the best out of people align abilities, strengths and talents with skills, outcomes and competency that effectively support the mission and vision.

It is time to shift out of a box narrowed by job description and align team strengths with ability and shift duties around.

To be effective leaders we must inspire trust and engagement with our employees and teams.

We are all better together.

Wendy Knight, MSHA MBA

Founder and Collaborative Strategist at Focus Forward